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Electric bicycles from China

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The goods that are the subject of the investigation (the goods) are:

Cycles, with pedal assistance, with an auxiliary electric motor

Case information
Applicant Jinhua Otmar Technology Co.,Ltd
Tariff classification 87 11 60 10 00
87 11 60 90 10
Initiation date 23 Jun 2022

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Published date Submission Party Type
29 Nov 2022 Final determination Trade Remedies Authority N/A
14 Sep 2022 General FROG BIKES LIMITED Domestic Producer
19 Aug 2022 The Statement of Essential Facts Trade Remedies Authority N/A
23 Jun 2022 Application Jinhua Otmar Technology Co.,Ltd Exporter
23 Jun 2022 General publication - Questionnaire Trade Remedies Authority N/A
23 Jun 2022 General publication - Case timeline Trade Remedies Authority N/A
23 Jun 2022 Notice of Initiation Trade Remedies Authority N/A